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Bahia Cosmetics


Bahia is a results driven line of all-natural skin and hair care products. 
Inspired from Moroccan ancestral beauty rituals, ecofriendly and ethically sourced.

At Bahia, we source all our Argan Oil, Prickly Pear Seed Oil and Rose Water ingredients from Moroccan women cooperatives – and we are proud to support this great empowerment tool for local Berber women. 

By choosing our products, our customers choose to "make a difference" and take part of a wonderful form of  solidarity between women across the world through sharing powerful and ancestral beauty rituals. 


We carefully select our ingredients to create top-quality skin and hair care products that deliver great beauty results
to our customers. At the same time, we make every effort to ensure our products are kind to the planet and
benefit to communities from where ingredients are sourced.

In making our beauty products, being “NATURALLY GOOD” is our motto and we are guided by three main values:

all-natural.pngALL NATURAL

We select only the highest quality, natural and organic ingredients that have clinically
proven cosmetic benefits; our products contain no added artificial chemicals. We always
source our ingredients in small batches and deliver our products as fresh as possible.


We source our ingredients from Moroccan women cooperatives, which support their local
communities by ensuring fair, stable wages and promote the sustainable use of natural
resources. This is how we believe all trade should be.


We do our best to help the environment, by only using 100% recyclable paper, glass or
PET plastic in our packaging. We are careful not to over-package our products, thus
limiting unnecessary waste. We also strive to find further ways of lowering our use of
resources whilst providing the best possible products for our customers.


About Us

At Nature and the City our range of harsh chemicals-free products is the perfect antidote to your busy life, restoring your skin’s health and improving overall well-being. It’s time to leave the city and get back to nature! We are also a distributor of ECO Tan and ECO by Sonya in Hong Kong.


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