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Don't let antibacterial soap scrub you up the wrong way

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We all want to stay clean, fresh and germ-free, but some soapy suds on the market may be causing more harm than good. When it comes to keeping you and your family spotless, antibacterial soaps seem like the obvious choice however recent reports have suggested otherwise. Could it be that good old fashioned soap is the best method for keeping bacteria at bay? We definitely think so!

So what exactly is it making experts think twice about antibacterial soap? Well, the guilty culprit is a chemical called triclosan. It can be found in many soaps on the market and beauty experts are concerned it comes with potential side effects. For example, when tested on rats, tricsolan was shown to affect hormones and cause bacterial resistance. Industry experts are also not convinced that using antibacterial soaps leaves your skin any cleaner than using regular soap and water, which does not carry the potential health risks. To top it off, in 2013, the Food and Drug Administration in the United states issued a proposal that requires the makers of such soaps to show that their products really work, and are safe to use.

So there you have it, not a great thought when you are trying to keep you and your loved ones safe from potential nasties!

However, the good news is there are simple, pure and harmless products available here in Hong Kong that are tough on germs whilst being kind to you. Here are some of our top recommendations…

HK local is So…Soap! – a company dedicated to sustainable living and working organically to produce natural handmade products. With a range of hand and body wash, made lovingly with essential natural oils, So…Soap! leaves you feeling clean and cared for. Our fave is the Tea Tree Hand Soap, containing tea tree oil, which acts as a natural disinfectant and sterilizer, while keeping your hands soft and supple.

ECO Tan Organic Body Wash is another must for keeping the whole family clean and healthy.  Made with natural coconut and mint, it is soap free and super nourishing to the skin.  A bonus is it prolongs the life of a tan so it is a must-have in summer!

Remember, when it comes to ingredients Nature and the City’s philosophy is less is more. More deliciously natural ingredients and less harmful chemicals. And when it comes to everyday soap, we know what we would prefer to wash our hands with!


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