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Les Jardins de Gaïa



Les Jardins de Gaïa was founded in 1994. They were committed to organic farming and fair trade long before it became a matter of concern, they stayed the course and, today more than ever, Les Jardins de Gaïa remain committed:

• use local labour,

• enter long-term supply agreements with our producers thereby building relationships,

• provide advance financing for part of the harvest,

• continuously improve the qualities of our teas,

• guarantee volumes,

• diversify the sources and the projects,

• support small farms,

• sponsor development milestones (and more than the obligatory allowances required in the fair trade label),

• support biodynamic agriculture, in their eyes the only path for the survival of “Gaïa”.

Organic farming is the foundation of the Jardins de Gaïa. Cultivation, production, transformation, packing…, it was impossible to conceive “tea” differently than within a respectful approach to nature.

The tea plant develops in areas with tropical and wet climates. Tea is a monoculture which impoverishes the soil and is planted in countries where the use of pesticides was not regulated at the time of the beginnings of the Jardins de Gaïa (it is still little regulated today). Fifteen years ago, our concern was primarily the pesticides and insecticides like DDT, lindane… Nowadays we have to consider seed-bearer autonomy, GMO cultivation, the widening of the European requirements on organic agriculture… Les Jardins de Gaïa's everyday commitment is unconditional. It is the support for agriculture at human scale, sustainable, modern and whose techniques of production are the only ones which guarantee the sustainability of our planet.

Les Jardins de Gaïa teas are flavoured with organic flavours. A manufacturer of organic food product is free to choose between organic or non-organic flavour. the choice of our raw materials is made in harmony with their commitments: their teas are flavoured only with 100% controlled organic flavours. The natural flavours labelled as organically farmed contain a 90% minimum of the mentioned source. At the Jardins de Gaïa, they have an additional commitment from their manufacturers of flavours: the supports of flavours and the solvents are fruits of organic farming.

Why prefer organic teas? Health for the Earth and for living beings

Cultivated without fertilizers or chemicals, the teas resulting from the organic farming have a double advantage. On one hand, you profit from an infusion deprived of any harmful residue, and you receive the full health benefits of tea. On the other hand, while choosing organic teas, you take part in environmental protection!

Exceeding the notion of using natural fertilization modes (use of compost and manure); the biodynamy concept also integrates social, economic, human and ethical concerns.

Biodynamy also uses the solar and lunar rhythms, the rotation of crops, the consideration of biotopes favourable to the plant development, the consideration of the genus adapted to local climates, the maximum energy autonomy of the exploitations


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